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Joy Bauer Diet


joybauerJoy Bauer is registered dietician, best know for her appearances on the Today Show. She has authored several diet books including Joy’s LIFE Diet: Four Steps to Thin Forever.

Her plan uses the acronym LIFE, which stands for “Look Incredible, Feel Extraordinary”. Bauer’s plan is not a gimmicky quick fix approach to dieting; rather she offers a practical and nutritionally sound plan to effect a permanent change in weight.

The plan itself is broken down into four phases; release, relearn, reshape and reveal.

The basic premise is to begin by unlearning bad eating habits, and then work in good ones. Exercise is also integral part of Bauer’s plan, and she recommends 30 minutes a day of intense cardio. In addition to having written several books, Bauer also has an interactive online program that is great for extra motivation and commitment.


  • The real deal: This is the real deal in terms of long-term weight loss. A well-rounded approach to dieting with moderate exercise that is sustainable over a lifetime.
  • Community: Bauer’s online program provides an excellent community of support and education for those who are serious about making a change.


  • There are no cons to the diet; but there is a word of warning. This is a real solution, but it will require effort and discipline on the part of the dieter. There are no quick fixes out there,  and this isn’t one either; but it is a long term solution.

Bottom Line

Joy Bauer has a great diet plan. It might not be as sexy or gimmicky as other plans…but that’s the reason it works. This is a real world plan that will get you results.

Updated: March 8, 2015 — 10:42 am
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